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Breach of Trust w/ Intent

Please complete these assignments in the order given:

  • Watch the Home Study Explainer Video - It will give you a better idea of what to expect from the course and give you tips on completing each assignment:  Tap here to access it
  • Complete the Use, Abuse, Addiction assignment -- don't over think this -- if the answer to the question is "no", it's ok to answer "no".  Tap here to access it 
  • Complete the Self Awareness assignment -- now here's the key to this assignment -- If your answer to my question has less words than my question, then you have not written enough in your answser.  Tap here to access it. 
  • Sidewalk Assignment -- Ok - on this assignment please think about any situation in your life where you fell into a hole.  Listen to the examples and think about whether the holes you have fallen into of your own making, or are they because of someone/something else?  Are you going to take responsibility for falling into the holes?  Let's see - access the assignment here
  • Complete the Progression Assignment -- it is about how poor choices cause us problems in life -- and even if your poor choice was totally unintentional, like not paying attention and getting pulled for speeding etc -- it can still cause problems in your Major Life Domains -- complete the assignment and be sure to take into consideration the other areas of you life where you have made poor choices in the past.  Tap here to access it
  • Send me an essay about how you ended up getting a this charge.  I want to know if you can identify where you blew it.  Send your essay to my email:  steve@goodsuccess.net  - by the way, if you say "you were in the wrong place at the wrong time", you will automatically fail for not taking responsibilty for your actions (or inactions)
  • Here's the course Exam -- you will need to score 100% because I'm giving you the anwers -- do not forget to download the answer sheet. It's an open book test.  The answer sheet is located in the instructions of the exam -- if you text me about where the answer sheet in located, I will know you did not read the instructions and give you 5 extra assignments that will be long, tedious and make you want to pull your frick'n hair out - Take the exam as many times as necessary to make 100%, and be sure to check your email after each failed attempt -- it will show you the questions you answered incorrectly.   Here's the link for the exam - Access it here
  • Be sure to text me at 803.242.0778 when you pass the exam with 100% - I will send you a copy of your certificate, and send a copy to your PTI case manager as well -- thanks - Steve