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AEP Course Assignments

Please complete these assignments in the order given:

  • Watch the Home Study Explainer Video - It will give you a better idea of what to expect from the course and give you tips on completing each assignment:  Tap here to access it
  • Complete the Use, Abuse, Addiction assignment -- don't over think this -- if the answer to the question is "no", it's ok to answer "no".  Tap here to access it 
  • Complete the Self Awareness assignment -- now here's the key to this assignment -- If your answer to my question has less words than my question, then you have not written enough in your answser.  Tap here to access it. 
  • Sidewalk Assignment -- Ok - on this assignment please think about any situation in your life where you fell into a hole.  Listen to the examples and think about whether the holes you have fallen into of your own making, or are they because of someone/something else?  Are you going to take responsibility for falling into the holes?  Let's see - access the assignment here
  • Complete the Progression Assignment -- it is about how poor choices cause us problems in life -- and even if your poor choice was totally unintentional, like not paying attention and getting pulled for speeding etc -- it can still cause problems in your Major Life Domains -- complete the assignment and be sure to take into consideration the other areas of you life where you have made poor choices in the past.  Tap here to access it
  • Send me an essay about how you ended up getting this charge.  I want to know if you can identify where you blew it.  Send your essay to my email:  steve@goodsuccess.net  - by the way, if you say "you were in the wrong place at the wrong time", you will automatically fail for not taking responsibilty for your actions (or inactions)
  • Complete Alcohol Summaries - read the information and write summaries on the various reading assignments - just follow the instructions and you'll do fine: Tap here to access the summaries
  • What this research exerpt on Fake ID's -- sorry, but it is extremely long -- so you will need at least an hour to complete this.  Follow the instructions at the end of the video - I put them at the end to force feed this info to you - hope that's ok.  Access the Fake ID vid here
  • Choices Exam -- ok -- I will admit up front that this is totally unneccessary and sneaky, but I want to give you a really easy opportunity to ace this exam, and you will only be able to do it by following these instructions -- so here goes.  There is no answer sheet for this exam -- all of the  info will be totally new and you will have no way of knowing the answers, so take the exam the first time, (you will not pass it), then check your email -- the system will send you your score - tap the button that says "download", get a copy of your exam - it will have your incorrect answers marked for you -- use the correct answers on that form to go back in and make 100% on the exam -- piece of cake -- if you do not follow these instructions, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for you -- but you will deserve it for not reading my wordy instructions.  Access the Exam here
  • Here's the course Exam -- you will need to score 100% because I'm giving you the anwers -- do not forget to download the answer sheet. It's an open book test.  The answer sheet is located in the instructions of the exam -- if you text me about where the answer sheet in located, I will know you did not read the instructions and give you 5 extra assignments that will be long, tedious and make you want to pull your frick'n hair out - Take the exam as many times as necessary to make 100%, and be sure to check your email after each failed attempt -- it will show you the questions you answered incorrectly.   Here's the link for the exam - Access it here
  • Be sure to text me at 803.242.0778 when you pass the exam with 100% - I will send you a copy of your certificate, and send a copy to your AEP case manager as well -- thanks - Steve